According to scientific research has confirmed that green tea can help eliminate bad breath odors.
A study conducted by the Institute of Technology's protein Israel has found that anti-oxidation
name polyphenols can destroy a number of compounds in the mouth, which is why these
compounds cause bad breath, tooth decay and more these oral cancer.

However, writing in the Journal Archives of Oral Biology,
the scientists ion Israel called for further study on the issue, saying:
All have a deep interest in the health benefits of green tea, especially dental health.
They added that the polyphenols named epigallocatechin 3 gallate (EGCG) together
constitute the most interesting component in green tea leaves.

Thousands of years, green tea has been drinking throughout China and East Asia,
and then because of the health benefits its green tea is gaining popularity rapidly in the UK.
Whereas previous studies have found that green tea may help fight cancer, heart disease,
helps make cholesterol slow down and even help eliminate vibration twitching and Alzheimer's.

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