Vitamin C is that the most vital nourishment for health and sweetness, It helps skin look younger furthermore.
Good Today,  and show of fruits and vegetables made in antioxidant,
To tell you all and client to grasp with description below.

Fruits That square measure High in nourishment (C)
1-Papaya 224% (Papaya Seeds are often Used, like Black Pepper build Enzymes, Dietary Supplements).
2-Strawberries (one cup) - 113%
3-Pineapple (one cup) - a hundred and fifth
4-Orange (medium) - ninety three
5-Cantaloupe (one cup) - seventy eight
6-Grapefruit (1/2) - fifty nine

Vegetables That square measure High in nourishment (C)
1-Bell Pepper (one cup red or yellow) - 157% (unripe inexperienced chili peppers)
2-Broccoli (one cup) - one hundred and thirty fifth
3-Brussels Sprouts (one cup) - 129%
4-Cauliflower (one cup) - seventy three
5-Broccoli (one cup) - seventy one
6-Cabbage (one cup) - sixty nine
7-Bok Choy (one cup) - fifty nine
8-Parsley (one cup) - fifty four
9-Sweet Potatoes (one cup) - fifty two

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